About the Project

Ignition is a case study on the carpooling system in Ateneo and how to satisfy and innovate this experience through a mobile app.


UX Design

Journey Mapping

Wireframes and Mockups

User Testing


Data gathering was done mainly through interviews.

Inefficient promotion of the initiative and lack of participants

The system was not well-recognized in the university and many are not able to avail of the service due to lack of hosts in their areas.

Existence of unaffiliated carpool groups

Being in an unaffiliated carpool group is a risk for them because if any problem arises within their group, Ateneo might not be able to attend to them immediately as the association between them and the university is unofficial.

Unresponsive carpoolers

Communication is a major issue among carpoolers because some of them end up ditching their rides which delays them from leaving the campus because of waiting.

Unorganized ride-matching system

The ride-matching is facilitated on Facebook. This means that there is no proper system to organize rides; just one comment on the thread, it will probably go up first in their page.

User Journey



Sign up by filling out a Google Form. The link can be found from their Facebook page and the tarps around campus.


Wait for a reply from the DSWS to match you with a carpool leader.


DSWS will add you to their Facebook group where you can see all the rides available.

*DSWS = Department of Student Welfare Services


Too many steps to avail the service

It took so many media for a user to score the carpool service such as the Google Form, Facebook, and SMS.

Messy Facebook threads

The unorganization of the threads due to Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult for the user to navigate through the page.

Skepticism to the service

Due to late replies from the admin and lack of carpool heads, the user feel suncertain that he or she would get a ride.

The anxiety of getting ditched

The user worries and gets frustrated when they are ditched by a fellow carpooler.

How might we provide Ateneans with an organized carpool system that allows them to communicate with their carpoolers effectively and assures them of a ride going to school and going home?

Wireframes and screen flow of Ignition

Job Stories

When I look for carpool rides, I want to see an organized list of available rides and to be able to search for them so that I won’t have to scroll back and forth through the thread.

When I go home via carpool, I want to ensure my co-carpoolers’ attendance so that our time of departure from school won’t be delayed.

When I contact my fellow carpoolers, I want to be able to send group texts and make sure they have received or read it so that I won’t have to send texts to them one by one.

When I have questions or concerns about carpooling, I want an admin to attend to me immediately so that I can ensure that I am availing a quality service.

Prototype & Testing

Sample screens from the prototype

Two prototypes were created on Figma: one for testing and another for revision. Three users tested the application. It took them 5 minutes on average to navigate through the entire prototype.

The tasks were signing up, joining a ride, providing a ride, and messaging the carpool provider.


Quick to navigate but still confusing

The tasks were accomplished in a short amount of time. Users found themselves confused at times but they resolved the issues as they progress through the app.

Organization yet to be solved

Many pointed out that there were components the app still lacks, and organization of carpools can still be improved after they have finished navigating through the application.

Call for clearer communication

They found that there were too many steps to reach the messaging feature. It was also suggested that users must be notified when carpool leaders are cancelling their trips.

Documentation of Ignition's prototype testing


Consider other stakeholders as the research was very rider-centric; the focus for the carpool leaders and drivers was misplaced.

The service relied a lot on the carpool leaders and drivers but they weren’t attended to very well since the mindset was locked on the users that want to avail the service.


My undergraduate thesis aims to help jeepney drivers send their children to college through introducing scholarships to them and financial evaluation.

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